It is a state of altered consciousness due to the use of drugs that results in reduced pain, anxiety, awareness and recall. Conscious Sedation aims to maximise safety and comfort with minimal pain and anxiety

I provide IV conscious sedation in which the use of a drug or drugs, produces a safe state of relaxation, comfort and calm.

The benefits of Conscious Sedation are:

  • Time Saving – enables efficient treatment

  • Maximised success of the dental procedure being undertaken on the patient

  • Perception of pain is reduced

  • Safe, due to lower levels of medication being used

  • Economical as no hospital admission is required and therefore minimal time required off work




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Is Conscious Sedation right for you ?

With a score of 15, it may be time to start thinking about sedation. With a score of 18 or over, sedation will certainly be a benefit for you.